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"All the children who have signed up for lessons have shown a massive increase in confidence, have greater knowledge of their chosen instrument and are learning more about the art of performing."

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Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons

We know that one of the best way to promote engagement, is a 'hands on' approach. Our weekly lessons give children the chance to choose an instrument and learn from one of our qualified professionals.

Children in Years 1 – 6 are offered the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Our pupils learn a wide range of string and percussion instruments such as guitar(s), keyboard, violin, Ukulele, drums etc. As they progress, pupils are also invited to take part in Music concerts and are encouraged to take their grade examinations. 

Drum teacher teaching a child drums
Music Programme
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Various children playing different instruments forming a band

Whole class music programme

Our Music Programmes are all designed toward creating a fun and constructive experience for the whole year group. 


In all our different music programmes, the focus will either be on a specific style or around a set of instruments. All children will have the chance to pick up an instruments and begin playing together. Weekly lessons and rehearsals will culminate in a school performance at the end of term.


All programmes were put together following the Music National Curriculum guidelines, therefore can either be taken up as an addition to the compulsory weekly music lesson, or as a replacement for it.

(Please enquire to see which programmes are available at the given time)

Children Singing in a Choir

Extra-Curricular clubs

Music clubs are proving to be an exciting and engaging extra-curricular activity for many students. Music clubs can be a great way to learn new skills, practice existing ones, and make new friends who share a common interest. In a music club, participants are encouraged to explore different types of music, such as classical, jazz, rock and others in order to gain a deeper appreciation for the art form. They also engage in activities such as playing instruments, singing, and making music videos. These clubs provide a safe and supportive environment for students to express themselves creatively and practice their musical talents.

Extra Curricular Clubs
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